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Why! I used to often ask this question of my self when I wondered, why I couldn’t just serve YHVH without all the slipping and sliding in and out of sin. You know, the minor sins that we call minor when we really don’t want to give them up. For mCat Whyen it is lust, fornication, and masturbation that seems to be the toughest to overcome. Because these we count as natural, therefore we don’t really have to release them.

Well I have found the answer:

1. I really enjoyed what I was doing, even though I felt bad about them later.

2. These were the images that filled my thoughts, and so: “as a man thinks in his heart so is he.”

3. I was not keeping my mind on Yeshuah (The true name of Jesus). I needed my mind to be renewed and transformed through the power of Elohim. Once my mind was transformed, what I once considered normal as a man became abnormal as a son of Elohim, and a citizen of the Kingdom.

Now why do I share this with you? Because many in the Kingdom of Heaven (single or otherwise) believe it is normal to desire sex on a regular bases. They see nothing wrong with masturbating or having sex many times in the day to relieve their sexual lust. What I have discovered is that we walk in the spirit of the flesh more than in the Ruach Hakodesh (The Holy Spirit). Finding ways to relieve Our lusts in the most convenient way as possible.

Masturbation was my game of choice, because it doesn’t involve anyone else, therefore, I wont get in too much trouble for fornication (the thoughts of a double-minded man).

However, filthiness of the flesh is uncleanliness, which masturbation is and YHVH (the actual name of Elohim [God]) is not pleased. We must understand that any activity which is against the nature of Elohim is unnatural for those who are born of Elohim.

If it is not the nature of YHVH, then it must be the nature of Satan, so what we prescribe as natural to our flesh is born of the nature of Satan; for Adam took on the nature of Satan when he disobeyed the voice of Elohim (God)?

Remember, even if one is married it is important that time and a season of time, be set aside for alone time with the MOST HIGH. Being married is no excuse for unbridled lust.

It is commanded of use to be “transformed by the renewing our minds”. If our mind is not renewed in Yeshuah we cannot have the mind of the Ruach Hakodesh. We must renew our minds constantly, meditating in the Holy Scripture, singing psalms and thinking on what YHVH has done.

Why can’t you live without sin? Look no further then your thoughts. A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.