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In this time of uncertainty, where the government has pretty much proclaimed all out war against the Saints of God; it is time for the Saints of the Most High God to take up their Spiritual armor and go head first into battle against demonic spirits.

Our enemy is not flesh and blood, but demonic spirits who operates through flesh and blood to fulfill it’s will in the earth. Therefore, if we who have received power from on high, would stand on the Word of God to oppose the forces of darkness, we could take back what we have allowed to slip, and reclaim territory for the Kingdom of Heaven.

What the Body of Christ refuses to understand is that Jesus left us in charge. Not the government, not your elected officials, or the president. We have been place in Spiritual authority with Jesus Christ. We are seated together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 2:6), which means that we, the Saints of the Most High God, filled with the Holy Spirit of truth are the ruling authority in Christ’s stead.

We rule through Jesus Christ and, therefore, have the authority to speak into kingdoms in the name of Jesus, and they must obey.  However, this authority and power operates through faith and without faith we cannot operate in the authority that Jesus has given us.

This is where the Church of Jesus Christ has faltered. We believe in Jesus, but not His power. We believe in what He did, but not that He has also given us the same power to operate in the same manner in which He operated. Therefore, we faulted on our assignment because we expect Jesus to do everything, and we sit back and watch Him do it.

We will not confront demons, because first of all many who name the name of Jesus Christ don’t believe in the inner workings of demons. Secondly, we are afraid that if we confront demons then they will come and attack us. That is what war is about, you confront the enemy, he confronts you, and the one with the most power wins. The only thing is, we have already won. We already have power and authority over him and we already have the victory over all his works.

Therefore, I challenge everyone who names Jesus as their Lord and savior to seek to the Lord for holy boldness, to use the power He has given you over demon spirits with the indwelling of the Holy Ghost. I challenge you to then speak over your city, towns, and municipalities by the power of the Holy Ghost in the Name of Jesus, and command that demons cease and desist from all activity in your city.

I challenge you to cast down the high council of wickedness over your cities, as well as the ruling forces of darkness that controls the governmental body in your city. Decree and declare the word of God over said city in the name of Jesus Christ.

Demons are active, because the church is silent. It is time for the Saints of God to rise up in the power and authority of Jesus Christ and boldly proclaim Jesus over a dying world.

No, this is not the weak prayers you have been praying in which you ask God to change it, to change people’s minds and habits. This prayer is a prayer of declaration, where we stand and demand that demons stop the oppression of our leaders, the killing of our young people, and the corruption in governments.  We will stand and proclaim what we want to happen in our cities according to the Word of God.

We command the releasing of the oppressed, the impoverish, the sick and dying who have been held captive for all the time the Body of Christ has been asleep. We will not just look after ourselves, but every man on the things of others (Philippians 2:4). If I’m free then you should be free as well.

The time to run scared is over. The time to just sit back and watch what will happen is over. If you remain silent, then your silence has begotten the life you now live.

It is not too late, we can turn things around by standing up in Jesus Christ with boldness against demonic spirits and take back our cities. Today is the day of salvations, today is the time for freedom: STAND AND TAKE BACK YOUR AUTHORITY!