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As revealed in prayer: My people are enslaved by their own mind and perceptions of themselves. The enemy is playing with your perception of yourself, and keeping you from your full potential in God.


I’m not there yet
God is still working on me
I’m waiting on God to deliver me
I have some issues right now

These things and more the enemy uses to keep you from reaching your full potential in God. You believe these things to be you, when they are actually the enemy keeping you bound to a carnal mindset.

God starts nothing that He does not finish. Therefore, could it be that God has already finished the work in you, but satan has kept you from this knowledge in order to keep you from reaching the place of Spiritual Perfection in God?

The Children of Israel was forced to wander 40 years in the wilderness, because of their perception of themselves. How long will you wander in your mental wilderness, being bound by demons to a mindset that is not yours?

How long will you allow demons to make excuses for why you will not come up to what God has called you to? How long will you allow fear to keep from reaching your full potential?

Fear keeps you from moving forward. It places you in a false sense of momentum. You believe you are progressing, when actually you haven’t moved. The fear of doing something wrong, while you are pursuing right cripples you from reaching your full potential as a Child of an all powerful, all knowing, all seeing God.

This same God to whom nothing is impossible, your perception of yourself keeps you from being exactly like Him. Exactly like who He is. You who have that same God living inside of you in the person of the Holy Ghost.

What will it take for you to realize that everything God said you are, you already are? Are you willing to renounce your own perception, and take on the reality of God in you the hope of Glory?

Jesus will not be returning for a people getting ready. He will return for a people who have made themselves ready. The choice is yours. You can continue to be crippled by your own perceptions, or you can allow God to free you from the perception of yourself, and give you His perception of you. I think the later is better.

In the Name of Jesus Christ be free of all demonic self perception, and embrace the reality of who you are in God. NOW IS THE TIME!