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This post is a bit hard to write, and may receive some criticism.

Last night, June 17th, 2015, shots were fired at Charleston’s Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal church, while they were in a prayer meeting. According to CNN reporters, 9 people were killed in a shooting that has galvanized a community.

img. from Cnn website.

Photo fro CNN

Now many are wondering. How can someone enter a building some named a church, and shoot people who are having prayer?

My question: How was this able to happen in a prayer service and no one knew someone had a gun?

First let me address this one huge elephant in the room by my estimation. A building of brick and mortar can never be the house of God (church). God does not live in a building you have named church. He does not stay there when you leave. Please understand this.

The true House of God are the Holy Spirit Filled Children of God: “What? know ye not that your body is the temple (House) of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?” If we do not understand this one principal, we will continue to reference a building rather than the true and living House of God.

Our desire to make everyone a Child of God, simply because they attend prayer service, or worship services is unfounded in the Word of God as He Himself said: “Not every one that says to me, LordLordshall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that does the will of my Father which is in heaven.” Emphasis added.

I have experienced first hand the protection of God when faced with a man holding a gun to your head, so I understand fully the comfort that comes upon one who is fully invested in Jesus Christ. I further understand that no man takes your life when you are a child of God, but Jesus receives your spirit into His bosom when your soul leaves the body.

Having no knowledge of how these men and women lived their lives, I can’t speak to them specifically. However, if the Holy Ghost was there, and someone was sensitive to His voice, He would have undoubtedly revealed the intentions of this young man.

Saints of the Most High God, we must have the Holy Spirit with us wherever we go. He is our only protection in a evil and perverse generation. We can’t simply worship God, but have no relationship with Him. We must be sensitive to the moving and the voice of the Holy Ghost.

This shooting is senseless, but if we don’t repent and return to God with our whole heart, we will likewise perish. We can not serve God without the power of God, nor can we continue to make excuses for why things like this happen. We can not acknowledge God our father and ignore our adversary the devil and his demons. When Jesus has given us power over all his works.

Saints, we cannot sit idly by and continue to watch these things unfold, and not stand in the power of God to be a combatant against demons of murder. We can no longer sit back and pray, while demons are actively destroying lives. It’s time that the true Church of Jesus Christ, rise out of sleep and actively contend with demons. For you are not safe because you do not engage the enemy.

Jesus does not want to be in a brick and mortar building, but in your hearts. He does not want to be someone you only speak to when things go wrong, but wants to be an active part of your life. He want’s to be your protector, your guide, and the love of your life. We cannot expect the protection of a God we only serve part time. Jesus wants all of you or none of you.

At the time of this writing police were still searching for the young man who did the shooting. Lets pray that they will catch him soon, and also pray for his salvation. For only hate could cause someone to kill unarmed people, and remember, hate is of the devil.

UPDATE: The shooter in the Charleston shooting has be apprehended in North Carolina in a routine traffic stop, according to CNN.