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Oh my goodness…I’m going to catch fire for this one (maybe). However, if it is so (and it isn’t anymore in my opinion) that the United States government is of tWe The People Imghe people, by the people and for it’s people, then all of it’s people deserves and have rights under this government. Furthermore, it is their right to address and attempt (sometimes successfully) to change the laws of this government, which is of it’s people to support whatever beliefs the people have. Now that’s for all of the citizens of the United States, and this government’s laws are not sovereign.

The government of the Kingdom of God has it’s own laws and they are sovereign (unchangeable). In decreeing these declarations and proclamations (Bible) it’s laws have nothing to do with the government of the United States or it’s laws. The laws of the Kingdom of God are not changeable, where the United States laws are. However, the declarations and proclamations of the Kingdom of God supersede the laws of the United States and is carried out by the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. Not in opposition of the United States laws, but in addition to and superior to the laws of the United States. In other words, the Kingdom of God’s laws are to be obeyed first, then the laws of the United States (only those laws which does not directly oppose the commandments of God).

 Because the laws of the Kingdom of God is unchangeable, it it not subject to the whims of people.

If you are a citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven (Earth, Born-again believer), you belong to the territory of the Kingdom of God (Heaven) and you possess power with God to transform the people of the governments you are in, and not necessarily it’s laws (as there are lawmakers for that sort of thing called Legislators).

We are commanded by Paul to pray for government officials, but not to get physically involved with their daily operation, but to keep our eyes and faith on Jesus Christ and work out our salvation with fear and trembling. The Church of Jesus Christ was never to get involved with, or receive help from this world’s government for anything pertaining to the Kingdom of Heaven and of God. As we are in the world, but not of this world.

As Paul says: “Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God; Who also has made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter kills, but the spirit gives life.” 2 Corinthians 3:5-6

Therefore, it is not by natural means with which the Body of Christ operates, but by the Spirit of the Lord who gives us wisdom and understanding. The proclamations and declarations of the Kingdom of God are all powerful and only depends on the faith of it’s citizens to be enforced in this world.

Attempting to persuade people who have not become citizens of the Kingdom of God (born-again) is also futile, as the proclamations and declarations of the Kingdom of God are spiritual and can only be understood by those filled with the Spirit of God (Holy Ghost). “Because the carnal (fleshly) mind is enmity (the state or feeling of being actively opposed or hostile to someone or something) against God: for it is not subject to the law of Godneither indeed can be.” Romans 8:7 emphasis added

This means that you can not expect people who are not born-again to be held at the same standards to which God holds you. This is where the love of God comes in, for it is the love of God that will persuade men and woman to come to God. You can’t clean a fish before you catch it.

Therefore, while we may disagree with the way this world’s government and the world is going, we can’t expect it’s people to automatically change their way of thinking without some intervention from God. Here now is your responsibility as a child of the Most High God:

You are to exude the love of God through the faith of God while speaking the Words of God, that through the love and faith of God shown through you, you may indeed win some to Christ. We do not win souls through insults, name calling, or innuendo.

Is what they do wrong? Yes, and we must persuade them of that through the life we live and the power of Jesus Christ through the Holy Ghost. We must stand upon the Word of God, and not take down simply because this world’s government passes laws to the contrary.  Here we will find who is really on the Lord’s side.

Remember that we are the Children of a Holy God, and are subject to His laws, proclamations, and declarations. We are to follow Him in all things, respond the way he instructs us to respond, and we are set for the defense of the Gospel. Our own health and wellbeing are second to the furtherance of the Word of God.

Look upon those in recent news who have come out as one thing or another as you view the dead, for those without God are dead even as they live. We are in Jesus and He is the resurrection and the life. Those who are in the world can be revived only if they receive Jesus as their personal Lord and savior, and engage in a personal relationship with Him.

In conclusion, our only focus is and should be the Lord Jesus Christ. What this world’s government does only effects us when it interferes with our peace in this world. Hence we are commanded to pray for those in authority for our peace and their salvation. However, anything that relates to their lifestyle choices is between them and the God they serve. If they can be persuaded to turn to the Living God then they should be, but if not don’t let that bother or deter you and pray for their enlightenment.

Now is the time for the true people of God to stand up in God by the person of the Holy Ghost, and exude God with power and authority.

Let the dead bury their dead, but you follow Jesus.