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Today, March 16th, 2015 I had a dream from the Lord.

In this dream I was a lawyer and was with a group of lawyers visiting a factory and it’s offices. The workers of the factory was showing us the injustice and the condition of the factory. The workers felt as if they were not being treated fairly, and wanted to bring a lawsuit against the company who ran the factory.

As the tour of the factory went on, I began to see the total disregard for the workers safety, well being, and agreed to take their case.

However, as we drew near the end of the tour, I began to see the true faces of those in the factory. As I looked around to thank them for the tour the gravity of the situation began to be reveal. Every person that I had talked to, who had lead me through the factory. Each and everyone was dead.

I began to see their true condition. Their faces were decayed and they all looked like dead corps. Even the lawyers I was with were all dead.

As I began to leave the factory, The building began to cave in around me as the people begged me to help them. Still leaving I told them I would help. I kept repeating to my self “I will do it” as the building decayed around me, as I got closer and closer to the street.

As I was walking towards the street, there came a voice to me saying: “I know that you will do it.”


The factory is the church organization, the workers are the saints, and the lawyers are the leaders (i.e. Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Teachers, and Pastors).

The church is in disarray and the leaders are not looking after the Saints properly. The leaders are looking after their own agenda and the Church is decaying around us. They are not feeding the flock of God in Spirit or truth, and they have left the saints to do the work without Spiritual guidance or influence.

The saints are crying out to God for justice and the leaders that are in place are dead, therefore the saints are dead as well.

The dream is an assignment and command from the Lord. Amen