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Amidst conferences, revivals, teaching’s, preachings, and all the things we do, or that we call Christendom; has any of it really made a true difference?

Insanity PicWe practice the same things week after week. We attend the same services with the same order, in the same way week after week, to the same people. Every year we attempt to revive the same people and the same people attend our prayer meetings and worship services, while coming again and again for the same healing and deliverance.

We have mastered the art of congregational speeches and sermons, attempting to transform the same people who haven’t caught on to them for the 15 years they have been listening to them. The Church is insane.

The Kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.

We, the Church, have become one dimensional while serving a three dimensional God, and we are content with presenting Him in the same light, which does not really bring glory to Him at all.

We have become blind guides, which strain at a gnat and swallow a camel. We say we believe God, while in action we deny Him and have a form of Godliness, but deny His power to transform us once and for all. Full well we reject the witness of God against ourselves, and choose rather to pacify one another instead of challenging each other to reach for the impossible. We who say we serve an all power God!

We can sin, but we can’t be perfect. We can be saved, but not live Holy. We can sell out, but not be sold out to Jesus; and we can sell out to sin, but not be called out of the status quo.

Many are free and yet bound, healed yet remain sick, have been made alive and yet live as though dead. Insane!

The Church has been given power and refuses to use that power, or even in many cases acknowledge the power. She is the salt of the Earth, but is trampled by the swine of the Earth. She is the element that sustains communities, and yet the community is being destroyed by the very kingdom God has given her power over. She is the light of the world, but has been darkened by the lust she refuses to let go of.

Instead of the riches of this world chasing her, she has turned to chase it and have left seeking first the Kingdom of God, and it’s righteousness; to seeking the joy and pleasures of this life.

We are happy for the few who experience God in a profound way, but lack the conviction to experience Him for ourselves. Where is the Church of the Living God?

Where is the Church who turned the world upside down? Where is the Church that made governments tremble? Where is the Church which caused fear in the hearts of men? WHERE IS THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST?

The American government is not the problem with America, The Church is!

It is time we made a difference, by doing something different. STOP THE INSANITY!