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We have to stop getting excited about images of worship, prayer, or praise.

Just because someone dances around a building does not mean they are in the Spirit, or that they are sincere about what they are doing. If one is truly dancing by the Spirit of God, then there should be a transformation taking place, because the Holy Ghost is not into bodily exercise with no purpose. He is not interested in you feeling good, He is interested in you being transformed.

Just because you see a picture of someone who appears to be praying doesn’t mean they are.

Too many things are taken for face value in the Body of Christ, when Paul told us: “Let these first be proved, and then let them use the office…” 1 Timothy 3:10. Here Paul is speaking about the office of the deacon, but people should be proven to be who they purport to be.

If one purport to be saved there should be some sign. If you are cussing and confessing to be holy, you are a liar for the Word has said in Ephesians 4:29:

Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.

The excuse: “I’m human” is not an excuse to use foul language and act unseemly then claim to be a child of God, or Christ like.

Many pastors, teacher, prophets, and apostles are chosen because of education, degrees held, or people they know, but have not been proven by the Holy Ghost; and some don’t even have the Holy Ghost. Many of these are self willed, arrogant, self-serving bullies who have no right being over anyone.

What happened to: “Try the Spirit by the Spirit?”

How can we say we are of God, but God never bears witness of who we say we are? We take witness one of another, but not of God, and the power of God is relegated to a tingling feeling down your spine. Really?

You see someone dancing in what many call the “shout” and then testify: “Oh he went in.” What is the evidence of that?  What changes have taken place to witness he had an encounter with Jesus? Was he healed, delivered, made free from something? Was there a different life choice made, or did he dance, praise, or worship and remain the same person he always was?

We have become too comfortable with the appearance of worship with no manifestation in worship.  Worship moves God, it provokes God to move on your behalf. It provokes Him to heal, deliver, and make someone free of many of the bondages they possess.

However, many go to service week after week, day after day, and year after year and never experience the transforming power of Jesus Christ. There should never be a time that we enter into the presence of God and there is not a transformation.

If we truly believe that sickness, disease, and many of the things the Body of Christ suffers with cannot abide the presence of God; then why are we leaving the worship service every Sunday with the same sickness, the same diseases, and the same problems we came with? And please don’t blame the people who are coming to our services by saying: “Their faith was small.”

The burden of proof of the power of God is not on the person being prayed for, but the person praying.  You said you have power with God… Where is it?

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

If it’s true that these things cannot stay in the presence of God, then perhaps God is not actually in our worship services. Furthermore, I need us to stop lying. Many will say in their worship services: “Jesus just walked into the building.” Really?

If Jesus truly walked in many of our worship services, we would not be able to stand let alone worship; because the first thing that happens when Jesus walks in the room is every knee bows. It’s not a voluntary response, it’s an involuntary response. You can’t help but bow because of the power of His Holiness and Glory.

We need to go back to the day were if the prophet spoke a word they say is from God and that word does not come to pass, we expose them as a false prophet. However, just because a prophesy doesn’t come to pass when you think it should, doesn’t mean the person is not a real prophet.

It is time that we who say we are Born Again show some sign. If God truly called you into the office of Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Teacher and help (the only offices listed in scripture) then the Lord will bear witness that He has truly called and sent you.  If not these should not be accepted until He does.

Too many false apostles, prophets, pastors, teacher and help have been accepted without being vetted by the Holy Ghost, and have taught the Body of Christ lies, deceiving many. We have too much bodily exercises which have not benefitted the Body of Christ. It’s time this ends now.

Let The Real Chosen of God Be Revealed By God. In Jesus Name!