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Just wondering: Do we really believe Jesus? Do we really trust Him? How many are ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ and believe Him, Heaven and hell to be a metaphor?

If you say individually you believe Jesus, why are you sick, why are you unable to be free? Why are you not delivered? Why? And please don’t say: “Because the Lord is not ready for me to be healed, delivered, or made free.”

Healing, Deliverance, and Freedom happens when you make up your mind and come in agreement with what Jesus already said you are.

The problem is not our Lord, but you…us.

Is Heaven and hell just a metaphor, or do you believe it to be real, touchable, and tangible?

If we believe, why do we fall into constant sin? Why do we not love one another as the Body of Christ? Why do we attempt to control one another, or rule over one another instead of loving each other right where we are?

God is REAL, Jesus is REAL and Heaven is REAL!

The promises of God are real, they are not metaphors, innuendoes or our imagination. Everything written in Scripture is real, true and available to each and everyone of use if we can only believe.

Don’t preach another word until you believe God with all of your heart and soul. Don’t pray for another person until you believe that they are healed, delivered and made free. If you can’t believe without their belief, don’t pray for them.

The burden of belief is not on the person being prayed for, but the person praying. If you can’t believe the impossible don’t pray, preach, sing, or do anything in behalf of Jesus Christ. Because if you do, you are only beating the air.

Jesus is looking for people who will believe the impossible, expect the impossible, and believe His Word without a doubt.

Is that You?

Lord, I will believe you in all things nothing is impossible to me because of you, and everything in this World and beyond is mine through Jesus Christ. THANK YOU JESUS!!