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Holiness is not something we are told to be in. We are commanded to be holy.

To say you are in holiness is to suggest that one is in a religion or has a choice to live holy.

The scripture which states” “follow peace with all men and holiness, without which no one shall see the Lord” is not something you do or stand in, but something you are. It is the same with having church vs. being the church.

This is the complete problem with the Body of Christ, we always want to have–rather than exist as what God commanded us to be.

Therefore, as long as we go to church, have church, are in holiness or attend church we don’t have to be held responsible for the act of actually living holiness, or living the life Jesus commanded us to live.

It then becomes easy for us to expect the ministers, pastors, teachers, and prophets to live a life of holiness while many of us live a life of mediocrity holding ourselves to a lower standard than those in ministry.

Holiness is a state of living required by everyone who name Jesus as their personal savior, not a state of religion. It does not matter what denomination you put yourself in, you are required to live holy by the commandment given by the Word of God.

Holiness is not something one should hold as a weapon over someone, or attempt to beat someone over the head with. It is a requirement of God for all who have been born-again: “Be ye holy; for I am holy.” 1 Peter 1:16

Holiness is not a religion, but a lifestyle. A requirement of all not a select few, It is not some sort of status to be held over people, or to suggest that one is better than another.

Everyone who claims to be saved and filled with the Holy Ghost is required to live holy. Period.