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On July 17, 2013 I wrote a blog titled Woe! By the Word of the Lord stating the following:

Thus says the Lord:

Because you have trusted in your government for financial assistance for the ministry you said I gave you, and have compromised my gospel in order to keep their tax status, behold I will reject your ministry from standing before me. Continued here:

On August 6, 2014 the Courthouse News Service, reported that the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which is an atheist foundation filed a lawsuit against the IRS in Madison, Wisc. Federal Court in 2012. “That lawsuit was settled in July (2014) after the IRS agreed to no longer have a “blanket policy” of non-enforcement, the Freedom From Religion Foundation said (Direct quote from the Courthouse News Service).”

This kind of thing will only continue as the Body of Christ continues to depend on government rather than God to support the ministry they claimed God gave them. The Lord sent the warning: “Less you repent of this your wickedness, I will send swift judgment upon you which they will not be able to deliver you of.”

It is time the Body of Christ gave the “Church” back to the Lord, and let Him supply for the needs of the congregation.  What kind of faith are we displaying if we depend on the government to do God’s work? If the Lord Jesus truly told us to do the work, he would make provisions for the work he commanded.

The truth is, many go to the government to support their food banks, clothing bank, and so forth and so on to have money for other things.  In the process, they have given the government access to the Holy place to plunder God’s people in the name of protecting the people.

Organizations like the Freedom From Religion Foundation will continue to attack and attempt to demolish the saints freedom of expression; as long as the Body of Christ continues to depend on government instead of God. As long as we continue to serve god in a mediocre state, we will continue to be the tail and not the head.

We can’t be the head in word only; we also must be the head indeed.  God called us the head and not the tail, but because we His “Church” continue to trust in outside sources for our needs, the world has become the head, and we are the tail to the world, and all we are doing is wagging like a dog excited to see his care-giver.

I pray the time would come back when the state trembled because of God in the Church, instead of a church with no God trembling and depending upon the state. Where the people of God go and have church instead of being the Church of Jesus Christ, with the power and the authority of Jesus Christ being demonstrated in the world.

Wake up church; we are being made a fool of. Get right with God and do it now!