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A Man Like God
Men Discover The Man They Are And Become The Men They Were Always Meant To Be

ATLANTA – In his new book A Man Like God (published by Kingdom Truth), James Craig under the inspiration and direction of the Holy Spirit has penned the most in-depth look into a man as he is and who he was created to be.

A Man Like God was written to confront, challenge and raise men to their rightful place in the earth, and with the Father through His son Jesus Christ. To reveal man’s true nature to man, and debunk, debase, and flat out denounce the lies perpetrated by the devil to keep man locked in a state which is not his own.

A Man Like God opens with a vivid depiction of Adam being created, reveals the tragedy of his fall, and the redemptive power of Jesus Christ to restore man to his original design and purpose.

In A Man Like God men will:

  • Discover their true nature and identity
  • Dispel common myths and lies of manhood
  • Come face to face with their true enemy
  • Discover the limitless resources and power available through embracing his true identity

“Much of what we think a man should be is not based on the nature of God, who created him, but on the nature of demons who seek to destroy him.”

Who was man created to be? Is he truly a sexual being, unable to control his own sexual urges? These answers and more are found in A Man Like God.

James Craig lives in Atlanta, GA, was born in 1964 in the Bronx, N.Y. The only child of his mother, and has two sons and one daughter. James is the founder of Raising Kingdom Citizens House of Worship and is dedicated to the furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A Man Like God is James second book, his first book published in 2007 by Author House titled Black Sheep Secret: The Homosexual Spirit Exposed is available on Amazon.com.

Men everywhere should read this book.