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Saints of God, this country of American has a creed which states: “the government of the United States is for the people by the people.”

Now under this government every person is endowed with certain rights as per scribed by the will of the people (at least that’s what the government wishes us to believe).  While it’s founding papers says it is one nation under God, that ‘s not where God desires us to be:

To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.

The Lord desires to be in us, and we in Him, not under him.

Being a nation of the people by the people, the laws and rights of this nation lie at the whim of it’s people (as in the vote). However, Jesus has told us His saints that we are in this world but not of this world.  We obey the laws of this world only when they don’t conflict with the commandments of our God.

As America has changed it’s laws at the whim of it’s people, to include and force the homosexual lifestyle on all of us, and have cast down the Word of the Lord in which to do so.  We His people must take a stand on the Word of God and renounce this perversion of God’s Word.

One of the most profound ways to get the attention of this government is through it’s money.  The Body of Christ is a huge commodity to this nation and if she boycotts by withholding her spending money (only spending where needed I.E. food, and the upkeep of the home), stands firm on the Word of God, and don’t back down until they reinstate the law that marriage is between one man and one woman, it would send a strong message to this worlds government.

Saints, it is time that we wake up out of sleep, and send a strong and absolute message to this world’s government: WE WILL NOT ABANDON OUR GOD, OR HIS COMMANDMENTS.

The LGBT has played their card, and they think they have won, But the Body of Christ has not made her move yet.  Don’t you think it’s time she did?