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There is a spirit of deception which has gone out to devalue men, to cause individuals to devalue the status of the man in his home, and in his community so he has less value within himself. If he retains less value within himself, it is easy for him to believe the lies which the enemy perpetrates against him. It becomes easy to believe that no one loves him, or no one cares.

He then begins to seek value from drugs, sex, gangs, and other things which falsely makes him feel valued; which only proves to degrade him even more, and cause him to feel less than who he is, or was created to be.

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Furthermore, man sought his manliness from amongst other failed men, or their manhood has been molded by women who were single mothers, and based on their own wounds and hurts attempted to mold their son into the image of a man they desired or wanted for themselves.

This left man fragmented within himself seeking recognition, acceptance, and love from those who are also fragmented and broken.

Society has given their concept of what is believed to be a man. What he should be how he should respond, and to deviate from any of their standards or status-qua,  is to risk ridicule.

However, all which have been described was developed through years of pressure, manipulation, and degradation of that which man was created to be.

The image of manliness is created in sex, lies, and hypocrisy taken from a nature which is not his own, yet embraced as his own identity. Therefore, he is for the most part unstable, unfaithful, and seemingly unable to be trusted in relationships.

If he is faithful, truthful, and compassionate he is seen as the exception and not the rule. Man has been downgraded to dogs, rats, and the filth of the earth and has for the most part embraced these references to himself; not understanding that none of these characteristics are who he was created to be.

Man’s Image and Reputation

Man embraced the image and taken on the reputation built upon him through the centuries. He’s not deviated, or changed his stance through all his history, except to deny his true nature, and the God who created him.

Even those who embraced Christ, and received the Spirit of God, yet embrace the lies of who a man is, and perpetrated rape, molestations, homosexuality, adultery, and promiscuity in the midst of the congregation, and made the excuse: “I’m a man.”

Men who proudly proclaim: “if a woman takes off her clothes in front of me, I’m going to do what a man does (meaning he will have sex with her, even if married or otherwise committed).” Understanding neither what he says, nor whereof he affirms his masculinity; for if he did he would not foolishly proclaim such nonsense, and take Joseph’s example; refusing to lay with Potiphar’s wife running away to preserve his integrity (see Genesis 39:12).

Man’s false reputation has left him destitute and naked not knowing his true heritage, or his true origins. Therefore, because he does not know who he is, or where he comes from he chooses the lowest estate of his existence, and continues down the road of his demise; while boasting in his uprising falsely.

For his earthly reputation he will, hurt, demean, and murder and yet proclaim himself man. He will beat down and step over his brother only to lift up himself and this also he says is the way of man. However, the truth of man is hidden within him, which cries to be released, and to introduce himself to the person he’s tucked away even from himself.

The Spirit of Man

Hidden away in the deep recesses of his spirit is the true identity of man; his true nature, his complete self, having no part missing, with the DNA of God the Father who created him locked deep inside of him.

This he ignores, this he turns away from and denies with all gravity. Yet it screams to see life and light again.

Breathed into the form God created,  and being debased by the constant mirage of sin and death is the soul of man. The soul of man created in the image and likeness of God the Father, and being held captive by the flesh of man; desires to be free by the Spirit of God, in order to embrace the face of his Father once again.

As a prince who left the comfort of the King, and lived among the peasants of the kingdom, eating filth and the refuse of the nobles, of which he once was privy to, is the soul of man trapped in sin and death; when he was created in life and true holiness.

Having embraced the lies of a dead kingdom and its master (Satan) and establishing himself through the nature of this same master; the soul has been left for dead.

However, the true master sent his son to revive, redeem, and restore the soul to his rightful place and stance in his true Kingdom. The Son destroyed the lies of sin and death, and made it possible for man to once again behold His presence.

What are you waiting for? Embrace the Father, and all he has for you, and receive the knowledge of who you are, whose you are, and who you are in His presence.

This book is written to confront, challenge, and raise men to their rightful place in the earth, and with the Father.

To reveal man’s true nature to man, and debunk, debase, and flat out denounce the lies perpetrated by the devil to keep man locked in a state which is not his.

To sever the ties to sin, death, and lies, and present men to whom their true nature and God is.

Through the pages of this book man comes face to face with who his is, and becomes all he was meant to be; A MAN LIKE GOD.