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The devil and his demons are all in. They are not on vacation, not taking a break from destruction, deception, or confusing of the Body of Christ. They are constantly seeking whom they may devour, and many time it’s our children, relatives, and friends they are attacking.

Homosexuality has broken forth throughout the land which the Lord has given to us. Murder, sexual perversion, depression, anger, hatred, and malice are the norm; what is the Body of Christ doing?

Complaining and threatening is not working. Collectively we have the power to transform a nation, but we choose to blame the world for being exactly who they are: sinners. Children of the devil, and the works of their father they do.

What are we really doing as Children of the Most High God? What are we doing with the power the Lord has given us to tread upon serpents, scorpions and upon all the works of the enemy? The Lord Jesus has said: “Nothing shall by any means hurt us.” What are we afraid of?

Are we really more concerned about being blessed than being a blessing? Are we more concerned about taking more than we give? Are we so afraid of the devil and his demons that we will not go on the offense and begin to attack him, as he is attacking us and our family?

It is time for the physicians to start healing someone else for a change.

It is time for the Body of Christ to stop spectating from the side lines, and begin to get into this war.  Stop looking for a blessing when God has already blessed you.  Stop looking for the world to do the opposite of who they are, and start embracing who you say you are.

Wake up!! We are a joke to the greater part of this world.  If we truly believe in Jesus our Savior, then it is high time, past time that we start acting like it.

Scripture describes us as bold as a lion, wise as serpents, harmless as doves, and as possessors of the power of God in Earth.  Where is it?  The fault is not in God, but in us.  The world has become us, or we have become the world, but we certainly have not become heirs of Christ and of God, because we don’t do as He has done.

Wake up out of your sleep, this is not a physical battle, but a spiritual one, and you must exist in the Spirit if you/we have any hope of enduring until the end.  This is NOT a time for getting, receiving, or storing.  This is a time of war and the prize is our souls; not diamonds, furs, houses, or land.

From here it only gets worse.  Your faith will be tested, your dedication to Jesus will be tried.  What will it take for you to renounce Christ? Many are already at the brink of renouncing Jesus and the loss of food will only hasten that decision.  Can you stand for Jesus when your children are starving? Will you yet choose God when your heart is fixed on getting stuff?  When the choice is taking money, or giving life, will you choose money?

Understand this, the devil is not deceiving people who are already deceived.

Who will join me in this war against our greatest enemy: Satan?