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The audio is of a prophesy the Lord gave me while in prayer on my broadcast.  The prophesy is to the gay and lesbian organization specifically.

I understand that this will not be receives by most, and that I may receive some backlash, but I have to obey the Lord.

The Prophesy as Recorded

And by the spirit of God in the name of Jesus, I speak to the organization that is furthering the cause of the lesbian and gay community. God is going to send swift destruction upon you, because you have come against the innocent. You have come and you have warred against them who have stand up for the purpose of God.

God said that He is releasing swift judgment upon you unless you repent and turn away. You’re gonna start dropping, you’re gonna start dropping, you’re gonna start dropping. I’m talking about the headship in this organization; you’re going to start dropping. Not by sickness and not by disease, but by the hand of God; if you don’t turn.

Your wickedness have come-up and reached up to God. You now influence government, you now influence presidents, and God is going to bring you down; for you are haughty in spirit. You have looked upon that which you where able to accomplish, and your pride has grown high and it has reached unto heaven, and God said that if you don’t turn and repent; your whole governmental board will cease to exsist.