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Thus says the Lord:

Because you have trusted in your government for finantial assistance for the ministry you said I gave you, and have compromised my gospel in order to keep their tax status, behold I will reject your ministry from standing before me.

Am I not God?  Can I not provide for that which I have extablished?  Has it ever been a time that I have not provided for that which I commanded?  But you have denied my faith, and have trusted in a dead system which have cast down my commands, and have cast me out of  their public assembly.  Up, to your idol you have set up over you to bless you financially, and have taught you to compromise my word.

Less you repent of this your wickedness, I will send swift judgement upon you which they will not be able to deliver you of.

If I have commanded your ministry I will provide, that you may learn not to compromise my word for filthy, and dishonest gain.  That you will not steal from the poor of my people and call it a blessing to them.  To fill your pockets and bank accounts with the funds of my people; while they lay destitute and in want.  Unable to ask you for assistance without you checking to see what they have given.

Woe unto you lying prophets, apostles, and pastors who steal from my people in my name and cause them to blaspheme my name, because of your falsehoods.  Behold I will come upon you swiftly less you repent and turn from your wicked way.

That which you say is by faith is a lie when your faith is in your government and not in me.


Thus ends the Word of the Lord