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We need to go back to God, not to church.

Let me explain:  For years now we have gone to church which seems to be synonymous with having a relationship with the Lord, so that if one does not go to church then they don’t have a relationship with the Lord in most of our eyes.

What we have begun to see is that people who go to church are not necessarily in a relationship with the Lord, but with the image of going to church.  We love the image of seeing people dancing and shouting, and we call that praise, but when people are getting off the dance floor at our worship centers and then going to the club house afterwards, that’s not someone who has a true relationship with Jesus.

When they leave the building after singing the songs of Zion and the men are going to hang with their boyfriends, and the women are going to sleep with the men on the ministry team, or so hurt by men who don’t know how to be men that they sleep with the women in the church (oh this whistle hasn’t been blown yet) then these are not people who have a trans-formative relationship with Jesus.

Therefore, we don’t need to be going to church (worship center); we need to be going to God.  We don’t need to be asking people to join an assembly, but come into fellowship with Jesus.  We don’t need to be going to church; we need to become the church.  We are too busy going to church that we are not personifying the life and Words of Jesus Christ.

Therefore, the power of God has been diminished greatly in our assembly, because we are not personifying we are performing.  We are living with the sicknesses and diseases of the world, because we are not personifying what Jesus said He has given us: Power over all the works of the enemy.  However, we glory over the super-stars of our assembly, because they seemingly are living what we individually should be living, but I am not convinced:  because the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.

Do we even know what true holiness looks like anymore?  We have moved the bar of holiness so much; do we even have a true image of it anymore?  Many of our popular leaders have compromised what it truly means to be holy that you just can’t really be sure, unless you have a personal relationship with Jesus, and He can show you what holiness really is.

We have compromised on teenage pregnancies, rape, molestation (we just don’t want to talk about these), fatherless children, sexual impropriety and immorality, homosexuality, and this in the CHURCH, and we have the nerve to turn the finger on bona fide sinners!   We don’t want to discuss these things, because the membership will go down, many of our leaders will have to leave the great big mansions that they have built on the backs of poor saints in the mist of the congregation, but we keep having church!

Nothing ever truly changes in our services, with our people (the so-called saints), there are no real transformations happing, all we have now is a good feeling, I was blessed by the word, but we never seem to move to being transformed and transfixed on Jesus Christ.

We have become an assembly of complainers, people who quote scripture but are not truly interested in personifying scripture.  We fight at the Devil and fear to actually engage demons, and in the meantime demons are destroying our assembly from the inside out.  However, we are still having church.  We are the only group of people who do the same things expecting a different result.

Therefore, we throw in more conferences, more revivals, more camp meetings, but we don’t truly seek the Lord.  Come on lets tell the truth for once.  We don’t truly seek the Lord, we don’t wait for an answer from Him, and we are too concerned with the time we spend in our assembling together, that the Lord couldn’t come in and truly do what He really wants to do anyway, and when He attempts to now we want to change the service: because we just don’t want to keep you too long.

But we will continue to have church, continue to glaze over the real problems, continue to put a bandage over an open wound, and allow the Devil to continue to draw believers back into their old mess; sitting right in the “church”.

We don’t need more words, we need POWER!  We don’t need more service times; we need a real encounter with the Lord.  We don’t need another so called prophet, apostle, pastor, or teacher practicing their auditorial skills on us; we need true results that only come from a true relationship with Jesus Christ.

We need to stop looking at each other, and comparing ourselves among ourselves, and get into the Word of God, the presence of God, invoke the True Power of God and begin to personify the Word of God and Jesus Christ with POWER!

No more compromises, no more excuses, no more limits on our faith, and no more having church, but becoming THE CHURCH OF THE LIVING GOD AND JESUS CHRIST, being led by the HOLY GHOST!