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People are always talking about being real.  However, which reality are you talking about?

There are those whose reality is based on flesh, how they see the world around them.  They are limited in vision to what the problem and situations are in their life currently, and can’t see beyond the individual issues they are dealing with at the time.

Therefore, when you attempt to come in with spiritual insight, they say you are being too deep, or they tell you to be real; only because they are not willing to elevate their thinking out of the flesh and in the spirit.

From this fleshly weakened state, they are limited, and bound to the place where it is even impossible for them to fathom being able to do the simplest things the Lord request of us.  Things like being perfect, not able to believe it is possible for men in the flesh, to live a life without sinning while in the flesh.  In this state of flesh they deny the example Jesus gave, condemning sin in the flesh, so we could live a life free of sin.  Not in our own power, but in the power of the Holy Ghost which has been shed in our hearts.

Therefore, those of us who grow in the spirit of God to the place where we understand, and know that Jesus has given us power to be sons of God in the flesh, and not live according to the lust of the flesh; are considered wrong, prideful, so spiritual we are no earthly good, so deep we can’t relate to those who are still living under the condemnation of Adam, and spooky.

Then there are those who live, breath, eat, and sleep in the spirit.  These are not moved, or motivated by the current problems, and situations they are encountering at the moment, because they are elevated above them in the spirit, and can see beyond the issues of the moment to a God who is higher than the situation or problem.

They understand that from their elevated position in the spirit, situations, circumstances, and problems adjust to accommodate them, not them adjusting to accommodate the situation, circumstance, or problem.  They understand that from their position in the spirit they can speak to the real issue and command it to fall in line according to the spiritual Word of God.

We understand that we don’t have to come down to the flesh to take care of issues in the flesh, but command the flesh from the spirit to behave in Jesus name.

So whose reality are you talking about?

Too many attempt to live both in a natural reality and a spiritual reality, which causes a division within themselves.  A double mindedness if you will.  “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways” (James 1:8).  Never able to grow past the constant sinning, and backsliding to fulfill the desires of the flesh which is enmity (a feeling or condition of hostility; hatred; ill will; animosity; antagonism.) against God.  The flesh (carnal, natural) mind is not subject to the laws of God neither indeed can be (see Romans 8:7).

Therefore, don’t come down from the spirit to accommodate someone else’s low estate.  Don’t bow to their reality, but stay in the spiritual reality of Jesus Christ, with whom we are seeking to live.  It is the Lord God and Jesus Christ whom we are seeking to please, not man and his insecurities.

When they tell you, you can’t relate.  Tell them you can, I just can’t come down to your level to do it,  I have to elevate you to my level so you can see what and who I see.  When we elevate our minds in the spirit, then we can see clearly over what we can’t see in the flesh.

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God” (Romans 12:2).