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The armies of the Lord has to advance the Kingdom. We have allowed the enemy’s kingdom to advance on us and our children for far too long.

We have sat back and watched as the Satanic Kingdom has advanced against our children, our economy, and politics.  It is time that the true warriors Advance the Kingdom of Heaven and regain territories unmanned and unwatched.

It is time that we stop setting up houses of worship that have no effect on the region they occupy.  The Lord didn’t just give you a house of worship, but a region, and all things that are not in order according to the proclamation and declaration (Bible) of the Lord; must be realigned.

Apostles, prophets, evangelist, and all the saints, man your post and get back on assignment for we have lost territory, we have lost control, and most importantly we have lost souls.

If the Lord has truly birthed you to the Office of the Prophet, then it is time for you to decree and enforce the legislation of the Kingdom of Heaven (The Word of God).  Enforce the decree of peace, the decree of a just balance and a just weight (Justice in Law Enforcement). and the law of sowing and reaping (decree of judgement).

The Lord has left us the Kingdom and we have not kept it in the manner to which he has established it.  Our focus has been turned to selfishness, pride, arrogance, self pleasure, and fighting for positions.   While we bicker and fight amongst ourselves the enemy has advanced on us, because believe you me; they are not fighting amongst themselves in the enemies ranks.

We must once again become wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.  Take the focus off of you, and place it where it belongs; on the enemy’s advancing kingdom.

All who have ears to hear, hear what the spirit says unto the churches.