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We are so wrapped up in “church”.  We go to church, we have church, we had church, but we never become the “Church”.  We raise our kids in “church”, but not in God.  We make sure the “church” is clean, swept, and garnish yet we don’t put the same effort in making sure our true “temples” are clean, swept, and garnished by the Holy Ghost.

We cringe when someone put their finger prints on our fine brass around the pulpit, but we don’t cringe when we are using profanity, for it is what comes out of the man that defiles him.

We are sure to make sure that the sanctuary is clean and free of debris, but we are not sure to clean the debris of sexual impurities, perversions, and fornication that line the walls of our “Temples” (bodies) which houses the Holy Ghost.

We make sure the bathrooms of our “church” are clean and free of smells, and dirt.  We make sure we can see ourselves through the mirrors, and the sink is spotless.  Yet, we allow the Holy Ghost to move and walk in our bodies with filth all around in side of us.  We make a Holy God move inside of our filthy minds without being cognitive of the fact he is constantly living with us, and needs a holy environment in which to live.

Women allow men who are not their husbands to enter their temples (have sex with them), so full of lust that they forget they are “The Temples of a Living, Holy God”.  The Holy Ghost does not take a vacation from living inside of you, he is constantly there beholding your order.  He is there when you are engaging in sin.  He is there when you allow men to touch something so valuable.  You don’t make sure they are worthy to touch the “Temple of God” they are eying, lusting after, and craving sexually.  It is time we put more stock in the true “Temple of God”.

We need to take the same care of our living “Temples” as we take of the physical building that we call the “church” for it is we who house the Spirit of God

We are the tabernacle in the wilderness and as the priest carried the Ark and was required to be holy and clean, so must we be holy and clean while we carry the same spirit that raised Jesus from the grave within us.  There should be a great fear for someone to touch our “Temples” and they are not clean, or they are approaching us inappropriately. We should carry ourselves in such a way that causes God to want to protect us from the uncleanliness of men (universal), as he killed the man for touching the Ark of the Covenant which housed the Spirit of God.

The physical building we worship in is not the house of God.  God does not live there when we go home, for God does not live in temples made with hands, but has created himself a body in which to live; your body.  Walk and live as if you have a living God living inside of you.