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The following scripture is the main reason given for the delayed return of Christ:

“And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come” (see Matt. 24:14).

However, the Lord has said:

“The gospel being preached to the world is no longer the reason I have not returned.  The Gospel is preached and broadcast all over the world now, and when anyone wants to tune in they can.  Missionaries have been traveling to the far reaches of the world for centuries.  So the Gospel has reached the four corners of this world.

The reason for my delay is my people, those who have received the indwelling of my spirit, they have not honored me or walked in my ways, but have played the harlot, they are friends with the world; they have compromised my Gospel, and denied me before men.

The pastors have rejected me choosing rather the stuff and fluff to gain members, but not the truth to produce sons.  They have murdered the spirit of my people from their pulpits by the lies they have taught, and are having church rather than becoming the temples (church) for the Holy Ghost.

My people are whoremongers, homosexuals and all things I hate, and if I return now many of them will be lost.

Once the fulfillment of the scriptures are complete I must return, but will I find my people faithful, or will they continue to returned to the filth I redeemed them out of?  Will they make excuses for why they can’t obey my word?  Do they not understand that they are running out of time?”

People of God it is time that we return to the truth of the Gospel, and stop compromising the Word of God to satisfy a group of people who don’t love the Lord in the first place.  Homosexuality is wrong, abortion is wrong, sex before marriage (fornication) is wrong Period.  You are nasty, you have always been nasty and it’s time to be transformed by the power of God, and stop making excuses for why you are the way you are.

God is not impressed by your dance move, your singing, or the performing that you do to impress people. It is time that we get back to impressing God through Jesus Christ.  He is not impressed that you can quote chapter and verse of the Bible, he is impressed when you live chapter and verse daily.

Just because you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ means nothing.  Demons believe and they tremble.  What are you doing more than demons?  If you are telling lies, demons do that.  If you are cussing your neighbor, or cussing period; demons do that.  If you have hate in your heart for anyone you are a murder; demons do that.  If you are having sex out of wedlock, demons influence that.  What are you doing that demons are not doing?

God is not looking for Sunday morning saints.  He is looking for sold out, dead folks, people who are dead to this world and alive in him.

When the Lord does return where will you be standing?  On the right-hand, or on the left, you make the decision.