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Greetings in the Precious name of Jesus,

Today we see all kinds of news about the state of this worlds economy, men hearts are failing, because many have lost possessions, and are uncertain about the future. However, this is not my economy.

In my economy, God uses gold as building blocks, diamonds and pearls are used for gates, and crystal is used for rivers. In my economy, God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and I have need of nothing. If this seems hard for you to swallow, perhaps you should look very closely at where you live.

I live in a kingdom and the King is responsible for my well being. I do not depend on the Democracy we are of for I am in the world, but not of the world. Therefore, my every need is supplied by our Lord and King Jesus the Christ. This worlds economy is subject to mans frailties and faults, but God is not subject to anyone, and therefore, has given us the ability to speak those things that be not as though they were. As though they were; is past tense, he didn’t say as though they are, but as though they were; meaning they already exist if we have the faith to believe it.

We are a people subject to the world our eyes see and therefore, are made subject to the limitations of our vision. However, Jesus died to correct our vision that the world through him might look to that which is not seen, rather than that which is. If you are born of God meaning you have been baptized by the Spirit of God (Holy Ghost); you are no longer in a democracy, but a kingdom. This means that we are no longer subject to the limitations of this worlds governments, but are heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ. When was the last time a son or daughter of the King went without their basic needs.

Perhaps you need to change your vision. Perhaps if we were not attempting to make ourselves comfortable in this world, our eyes would look to the world that is to come. Set your affections on things above, not on things of the earth. It is God’s pleasure to meet all of your needs, and he does it based on His riches in glory, not the worlds riches which are limited.

If you are stressing over the worlds economy, your vision is impaired, if the bills are getting you down, your affections are in the wrong direction. look to the hills from which comes your help. If its not coming from the Lord where is it coming from? As God clothe the lily He can clothe you, as He feeds the birds of the air, he can feed you. Whose report are you believing? The news will always give you bad news, but Jesus has good news for you; I AM. He says I am everything you need.

Is there anything too hard for God? No good thing will he withhold from them who walk uprightly. Look out, what do you see? Do you see confusion, or do you see order? Does your wallet move with the World’s economy, or God’s? Your situation will change based on your vision. If your vision is limited so will your outcome be limited; in other words, you are limited only by your vision. Do you need healing? Then your vision can’t be limited by your sickness. Do you need a home? Don’t limit your vision by your inability to afford one. All things are possible to them who believe and walk according to the will of the Lord.

Believe and you SHALL receive. Receive it before you see it and it is yours. Be relentless in your faith, and God will be relentless in the answer. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own vision (Understanding). Let God’s economy supersede this world’s economy, and you will have lack of nothing. When God is all you need, He is all you will receive, and that is everything.

I pray these words of encouragement will fill you and empower you. Feel free to pass this along if you like and remember, we are not waiting on God, He is waiting on our vision to change.

God bless.