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Several weeks ago, the Lord woke me up at 1:00am and began to reveal to me that he is on his way back. It was a Fierce urgency of him moving closer and close to us. It was a warning to get our house in order. To move beyond the petty things we setup to separate us from one another.

The Lord is coming back for spirit and soul, therefore, you may believe you are a good person, but if you don’t have the spirit of God; you will not be going back with him, and if you don’t accept him as your personal savior; you will not be going back with him. If you are still engaging in sex beyond marriage; you will not be going back with him. If you are masturbating to get a release; you will not be going back with him. If you are holding anger against someone who have wrong you; you are not going back with him. For how can he forgive you, when you can’t forgive your fellow man? How can you love God whom you can’t see, and hate your brother whom you see everyday?

The Lord is preparing his people for his soon return. And that’s why you can’t engage in the sins of the flesh, and expect to go back with God. That’s why preacher, you can’t have sex with all the women in the congregation, and expect to go back with Christ. That’s why ladies, you can’t come before God with all your stuff hanging out for the world to see, and expect that he accepts it.

So for some of you who will say: “What an all loving God who will leave people behind, or cast them into hell.” Well, an all loving God sent his mercy which is renewed everyday, to give you space to repent, and you wouldn’t. An all loving God sent his son, to die for you on a cross, taking the curse that was meant for you, and laying it on himself; whom you have rejected. An all loving God sends his sons and daughters everyday to tell you of his love, his grace, and of his peace; and you think them crazy. Yet, he is still reaching out to you, he is still sending his sons and daughters out to you. Will you receive him, or will you continue to reject him?

This is real and Jesus is coming back. Will you be ready, or will you continue to be complacent? Will you continue to reject him, or will you reach out to him and let him save your soul?

The Lord is ready to receive you; please don’t put this off. If death closes your eyes tonight, Jesus has come for you. Will you be ready? Yes, someone will have to go to hell, but that someone does not have to be you. Please accept him as your personal Savior today, right now, ask him to come into your heart and change you from within. Confess your faults before him and ask for forgiveness; he will forgive you.

This is not religious rhetoric, this is about your salvation, and in salvation religion has no legs to stand on. I pray you will make Jesus your choice.

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