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Whew, what a year its been and its not over yet. From homelessness to joblessness; this year started seemingly with not much to hope for.

As you may or may not know, this year started with me being homeless and jobless, but God in his infinite wisdom and in His divine purpose walked me through it; while breaking me, strengthening, and rebuilding me. We don’t know or understand the purpose of a thing until we reach the other side. Because I have waited on God, He has moved me into a job, a home, and seeing the birthing of a new book (Black Sheep Secret). He has blessed me to have my first book signing, along with allowing me to look back at where He has brought me from, with the ability to praise him for the struggle it took to get me here.

Perhaps now you are in a time of testing and tribulation, and it just does not seem like you are going to come out of it. I am living proof that what God begins in you He is able to complete it against that day. The enemy will try to persuade you that it won’t be done, can’t be done, and that God has forgotten you; still, hold on to the promises of God for they stand sure.

Right now the economy is in such disrepair that even the people of God are experiencing major set backs. However, God is not limited by mans economy. We serve a God who uses gold as building blocks, pearls as gates, and crystal for rivers; He is more than capable of meeting your needs even in this economy. Too many times we spend our time looking at what we don’t have, instead of what we do have. We begin to look outwardly, instead of inward where God resides and is waiting on our call. There are no situation you are in that God can’t solve. There are no needs God can’t meet.

Understand that God is with you even in your darkest moments. Even now I am in need, because though I have a job and a roof over my head it is a constant struggle to keep them. Yet I know that I gave myself nothing, and nothing can be taken away without the Lord willing it so. Everything I have or will have has been given by God and will be given by God.

When there was no one I could run to, the Lord stepped in. When there was no food, God spread a table before me in the presence of my enemies. When I needed a jacket for the winter, the Lord rained a jacked down for me, in front of me. Where there was no job, the Lord created one, and gave me favor in it. When I was in need of shelter, the Lord supplied.

What am I saying? Hold on, loose control and let God take control. Realize that in you there is no hope, but in Christ all hope abounds. Express your needs and expect Him to provide them. Until we get to the point that we can do nothing we tie the Lords hands; because we become busy trying to work everything out. However, when we come to the knowledge of our frailties; that is when the Lord steps in and does everything we need. When we become as little children depending on Him for everything, this is when we begin to see the powerful move of God.

I am a living witness and a testament, that God is simply waiting for us to get to the point where we throw up our hands, surrender our wills and accept that He is in control. Then and only then will we experience Him completely in all areas of our lives.

Fortunately, in order to get us to the place were we will surrender our wills, He has to put us in a place were we can do nothing else. In a place where all the doors are closed, every move we make puts us in front of another closed door. People around us start to suggest places we could go for help, and that door is closed as well. In our frustration and anguish, we call out to the Lord, and then realize this is all we had to do in the first place. In this place is where relationship is built and praise is perfected.

Be encouraged my friends. God has not forgotten you.