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In a time when everything is going awry it is easy to fall into a stupor and doubt god. In the face of the economies down spiral and high gas prices, the struggle to maintain bills, and jobs being lost on a daily basis it would seem almost justified to doubt god’s ability to meet every need.

However, God’s economy is not limited to the world’s economy. His provision is not limited to your bank account, or to the Federal deficit. He still has cattle on a thousand hills, he is still the God that fed Ezekiel
in the wilderness: “And it shall be, that thou shalt drink of the brook; and I have commanded the ravens to
feed thee there
” 1 Kings 17:4. If God commanded the ravens to feed Ezekiel, do you not think that he will command provision in your season?

Isn’t it so easy to trust God in the time of plenty? When He places a hedge around you, and rebukes the devourer for your sake. However, when the time of testing comes we begin to forget the time that God hedged us in on every side. When he provided for us and kept us. Where is your faith?

Where is confidence you had in Christ when the rains flowed freely, when the showers of blessings flowed in
abundance, and you wanted for nothing? Where is the faith that says: If he brought me through that, he can take me through this? Child of God where is your faith?

I get it. You can only trust God when all is well. Your faith can only stand when everything is going your way, however, when the time comes to carry your own cross now God has not done anything for you. Now we
can’t remember how he brought us through. Is it true that we only have sight for the here and now or for the right now? Whose report do you believe? So what if they are laying off on your job, so what if they are downsizing your job? So what? Either God is going to be your provider or he’s not. Either God is going to be your source or he’s not.  You decide.

As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. We have vowed to believe beyond belief, to trust beyond trust, and to stand beyond our ability to stand. What has your faith done for you lately.