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Promise, this word gives us hope and strength to endure the long road ahead. We shout over the promise, lift our voices because of the promise, and then we abort the promise. We create our own promise and call it God’s promise, and then when God starts to move to answer the promise we begin to side step the promise. You see the process to receiving the promise is not a bed of roses; it’s not the joys in life that shapes us, but the struggle that makes us. You see somethings can’t come through until we go through; there are gifts in you that God can’t get to you, because you won’t suffer, and suffering is a promise.

You want to be great in the Kingdom of Heaven? Suffer. You want to be used by God to impact this world? Endure suffering as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. You want to be “Real”? Deny yourself, pickup and carry your own cross. Learn to rejoice in the time of trial and tribulation in spite of what you are going through. Take examples from our dear Apostles and prophets who suffered for Christ, and went away rejoicing because of their suffering. They embraced their trials, because they trusted in the promise of a greater hope. What promise have you aborted because you won’t suffer shame, you won’t suffer yourself to be defrauded, and you have to have the last word in arguments?

God is not looking for a winner, He is looking for a looser that He can turn into a winner. He is looking for a fool that He can make wise. Therefore, when you go about showing yourself as someone who can put people in their place; remember that a seed doesn’t grow until it dies. We must die to our way of doing things, to our thought, and to our will of being in control. Until we lose control we will never receive God’s true promise.

It is not the devil when people attack you for seemingly no reason. It is not the devil when your loved ones turn their backs on you. It is not the devil when someone begins to correct you forcibly, and you begin to feel small. It is not the devil, but God making you over again, renewing your spirit, and building the promise in you. You were not created just to receive a promise, but to be the promise. You are not saved just to have a ministry, but to be a ministry, and you were not saved to simply attend service, but to be a service. This is the promise God wants to get to you. Therefore, stop aborting the promise.