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First of all let’s stop calling what we do in service church. Church is not a service, it’s a people called out for God’s purpose; people who are filled with the Spirit of God, and washed in the blood of the Lamb.

Second, lets start being honest with the people of God. Stop trying to show our self as some great prophet, pastor, leader, and put God’s Spirit back in the drivers’ seat. Stop making people more obedient to us more than they are to God; and carry our own briefcase. Put more of the responsibility to serve God where it belongs; in the hands of God’s people. Teach God’s people to go to God for themselves, rather than making them come to us for all the answers.

God sent His Spirit that we may be one with Him; sons and daughters partakers of His divine presence. He chose pastors over His flock to teach us how to come closer to Him, and then allow us to depend on Him. Put freedom back into our time of worship, and stop holding people to our scheduled service. Give people back their free will. If they don’t want to attend service they don’t have to.

Third, please abolish membership. The house of worship should be a place where we come to share with each other the wonderful workings of God. Not be obligated to attend services every time the doors open, and if we are not in attendance we are counted as backsliders, or looked upon as if we are doing something wrong. I am the church; therefore, I take my body where ever the Lord leads me.

Fourth, can we please have a central place where everyone can put their offering; instead of having an open offering where people who do not have an offering are made to feel less than those who do. Put a container at the door of the sanctuary, and let those who are giving; place their offering into it without any fanfare. Then assign the ushers to watch it while worship is going on. Furthermore, please stop with the hundred dollar lines; where we parade people around who are giving their hundred dollars. Giving should be between the person giving, and the Lord. This way our time of worship can be unhindered by these customs and traditions we hold for our own benefit.

Fifth, for goodness sake, can we please stop selling dinners after service, and allow people to come and eat freely. There are a lot of people who don’t have the money to buy food from the store, let alone buy it from us. This is not another opportunity to steal money from God’s people. Freely you have received freely give.Certainly we could involve the young people in our service, make them feel like they are apart of our worship. How will they learn worship if they never see it, if they are not seeing it at home, they should certainly see it in our times together.