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Soon the New Year will be here and a lot of people will be making their New Years resolutions.  While you are making yours.  make sure you list Christ as you major resolution.  Your Christ centered resolution should look like this:

I will decrease more this year that Christ may increase in me.

I will seek His will and not mine at all times.

I will spend more time with the Lord than I did last year.

I will not believe the report of the enemy, but I will believe and trust in Jesus.

My enemy is my friend.

I will draw nigh to the spirit of God.  Therefore, the spirit of God will be my strong tower.

I will lose more carnal weight, and gain more spiritual weight.

 My favorite speaker will be the spirit of God.

It is not about me this year, it is about Jesus everyday of the week.

I will seek his direction in all things. (Commit your way also to him, and He shall direct your path.)

I will suffer for the cause of Christ, praise Him more, and complain less.

These are just a few Christ based New Year resolutions you can commit to.  Believe me the rewards will be great.

 Have a blessed and spirit prosperous New Year.