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From God to Pastors & Leaders

Thus Says the Lord, You are making decisions to help my people based on their faithfulness to the tithes and you are doing them a great disservice, not to mention making a mockery of God. Therefore, my children come to you for help with a bill or anything, and you say: “Let me check the books to see if you were faithful in your tithes.” When did I give you permission to help someone based on his or her faithfulness to the tithe? Search my word and see, did I make you a judge over the tithe? I set you over my people to judge righteous judgments. If they are unfaithful in the tithe, I will judge them and the devourer will devour that they have, but you help them.

Many of my people are disheartened and hard hearten because of what you have done or neglected to do in their time of need. Did I not say I would judge them that turn a deaf ear at the cry of the poor of my people? Did I not say to give to them that ask of you, give and turn not away? Why have you not sanctified me in the lives of my people by supplying their need? Did I give you a period in which to help them? Did I say do this until such and such a time? If you bless my people because they ask of you, will I not bless the work of your hand that there will be enough to help all? Repent therefore and turn from this evil way, for I have not found your work perfect before me.

The Purpose of the Tithe

The purpose of the tithe and offering is so there will be meat (food) in the Lords house. In other words, the tithe and offering was meant to benefit the body of Christ, to supply what need any believer has; not only to pay building bills.

If we take the model shown in Acts the fourth chapter (see Acts 4:32-37), where the disciples sold their possessions and brought the sum and laid them at the apostle’s feet, we would have an idea how we should respond to one anothers need. We are to respond to our brothers need as if it was our own. However, this is not the case in most situations. Yet we call ourselves believers. You know that none of us is willing to sell our property, and give the sum to anyone. Therefore, when this model is adapted in the assemblies (church) of Christ then the tithe and offering given to the Lord should be collected and distribution made according to everyone’s need. Not only to those who give, but to those who lack the funds to give as well. Ignoring those who can’t give does not influence them to give. If you help me with my needs while I’m down, when the Lord raises me up, I will be thankful and return the favor.

Now don’t you all yell at me all at once. I know everyone does not adhere to this rule, but the Lord did not say: “just help, or give to them that will help you back.” In fact these are the ones that He commands us to help. The very person that can’t give back to us is the person He tells us to give to.

Today, at this very hour, there are people who are suffering in silence. Afraid to come to their leaders and ask for help; for fear of rejection or being told we need to check the books to see if you are a tithe payer. I shudder to think about the souls that have been broken by us, who say we have the love of Jesus in our hearts. If you can’t take care of or help me with my personal needs, why should I expect that you can help me with my spiritual needs?